Kids Dance Showcases

Nothing is cutter and make you more proud than seeing you beautiful child on a stage with a shinny pretty dance costume, dancing along with the music and entertaining us with their gorgeous smiles. We create choreography on Colombian Salsa, Salsa ON1 & ON2, Cuban Salsa, Bachata and more rhythms. There is not experience or partner required to start. Ask for our SHOWTIME PACKAGES!!!

Group & Private Lesson Packages

Learn how to dance is a very easy while having fun. It's time to get those cool moves and get into the world of Latin dancing. Want to learn a choreography and why not perform in front of an audience? we have programs designed for whatever your taste of need is, also it doesn't matter what your age is, there is not such thing as "she's (he's) to young or I'm to old to dance!!!

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What would you like to learn, perform or watch a show of?

Cali-Colombian Salsa Style

Learn this fast but fun salsa style originally from the city of Cali, Colombia for…

Salsa ON1 – LA Style

This is a salsa style mainly danced in the California area but well known also…

Salsa ON2 – NY Style

There is a eternal controversy about the origins of this salsa style but it’s more…


You can do it Traditional style just how they dance it in Dominican Republic where…

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